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Data Science A-Z Real-Life Exercises With R, XLminer, Minitab,Tableau

Data Science

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About this Program

Data Science using R is designed to cover majority of the capabilities of R from Analytics & Data Science perspective, which includes the following:

  • Learn about the basic statistics, including measures of central tendency, dispersion, skewness, kurtosis, graphical representation, probability, probability distribution, etc.
  • Learn about scatter diagram, correlation coefficient, confidence interval, Z distribution & t distribution, which are all required for Linear Regression understanding
  • Learn about the usage of R for building Regression models
  • Learn about the K-Means clustering algorithm & how to use R to accomplish the same
  • Learn about the science behind text mining, word cloud, sentiment analysis & accomplish the same using R
  • Learn about Forecasting models including AR, MA, ES, ARMA, ARIMA, etc., and how to accomplish the same using R

Program Mode
 Self-paced program
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Data science

So WHAT else is required?

One should possess Domain/Sector/Industry knowledge and learn relevant concepts to strike the right nail. A few such examples which are not limited to those mentioned are:

  • One into web development might want to learn Web Analytics
  • One into search engine optimisation might want to learn Social Media Analytics & Website Analytics
  • One into sales & marketing might want to learn Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Data Collection tools
  • One of the human resources might want to learn Workforce Analytics
  • One into healthcare might want to learn Healthcare Data Analytics


  • What is the difference between Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science & a Data Scientist?

    Data Analytics, Business Analytics & Data Science are the same with just 2 different names. The name of the role of people working in this profession is called as Data Scientist

  • What if I have no experience in Data analytics?

    Data analytics is a profession which caught the attention of the world only since 2 years. Because of this very reason most companies are struggling to close the demand-supply gap. Hence, people who are trained and have decent exposure towards the data analytics techniques are recruited immediately.